GeoHistorian Brochures

GeoHistorian brochure covers
To increase publicity for the GeoHistorian Project, we have created two brochures that will be available at many of the sites that have QR code markers as well as other venues in the community. In addition to the printed brochures, we decided to also make them available online:

Brochure Part 1 (pdf, 7.1 MB)
Brochure Part 2 (pdf, 9.2 MB)

Part 1 of the brochure contains the first 10 sites we did in spring 2011, as well as a scavenger hunt; part 2 of the brochure contains the 18 sites we covered during the fall of 2011. The brochures were created as trifolds, so if you decide to print one out, you should print the two pages for each one front to back.

Instead of waiting to get these out until the final markers have been installed we are releasing them now, as the weather is getting nicer and more people are out and about…

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