The GeoHistorian Project is an initiative from Kent State University’s Research Center for Educational Technology (RCET), aimed at educating middle and high school students to become local historians who create digital content for an audience that transcends the walls of their classrooms. It is based on our work in the areas of ubiquitous computing and mobile learning that focuses on the use of mobile technologies to break down the barriers between schools and the world around us.

Student-created, digital, and local historical content is available online and freely accessible by way of wireless mobile devices and QR codes (2-dimensional bar codes) that are placed in relevant community locations.

Project partners include:

For more information, contact one of the project directors:

Mark van ‘t Hooft (mvanthoo@kent.edu; 330-672-5996)
Thomas McNeal (tmcneal@kent.edu; 330-672-9722)

Kent State University
Research Center for Educational Technology
327 Moulton Hall
Kent, OH 44242-0001

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