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The AT&T Classroom opened in spring 1998 on the campus of Kent State University in the Moulton Hall Learning Technologies Center. Originally established through a grant provided by the Ameritech Foundation (now AT&T), the work of the Classroom has continued to grow with funding from the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, the GAR Foundation, AT&T, the Ohio Board of Regents, and the US Department of Education. More than 300 teachers and over 2,000 students (grades K-12) have participated either directly in the Classroom or indirectly through workshops and outreach programs.

The AT&T Classroom facility is comprised of two rooms: a classroom and an observation room. This combination of rooms serves as a unique learning and research center. State-of-the-art technology is available for K-12 students and teachers, as the Classroom becomes their “school room” every day for a six-week unit of study. Eight teachers, members of the prestigious AT&T Classroom cohort, bring a total of approximately 200 students to campus during the course of a school year.

The Classroom is equipped with current technology, including Dell computers with flat panel displays; a Samsung digital presenter; Internet access; distance learning capability via Polycom technology; Interwrite School Pads with Bluetooth technology; a classroom set of Danas and Palm handheld computers with peripherals; wireless laptops; digital audio recorders; atmospheric data centers; a Tablet PC; CD and DVD burners; scanners and printers; a wide variety of software; probes and digital microscopes; Graphire pads; digital still and video cameras; three VCRs; and video editing equipment.

A major strength of the AT&T Classroom is its staff of professional educators who support the teachers’ technology and curriculum needs. The Classroom staff consists of an Administrative Specialist, an Instructional Specialist, a Technology Specialist, and part time support personnel that include a technology assistant/photographer, student workers, and teacher education student volunteers.

Researchers have access to four observation stations, four cameras, sixteen microphones, two analog VCRs, and four DVD recorders. Each observation station is equipped with a wireless laptop, an observation monitor, an AMX touch panel that controls the cameras and DVD recorders, and Sony studio recording quality headphones. A virtual AMX control was made available in 2007 to provide access for researchers, including camera control over the internet.

For more information about the Classroom and the teacher selection process, or to arrange a visit to the Classroom, contact Frank Seman, Administrative Specialist, at 330-672-9722 or via email at

Take a look inside the AT&T Classroom. (Click here for a free download of Quicktime)

Take a look inside the AT&T Classroom Observation Room. (Click here for a free download of Quicktime)